Asbestos Products

YE 101 300o C
A vital raw material made with Metallic wires such as Zinc, Brass & Copper for the manufacture of Automobile Clutch Facings. For heat insulation of small pipes, electric cables, sealing joints in flexible metallic tubing's. For steam House, Packing in Patent Glazing, Steam Valves, Water Cocks, etc. Sizes : 1.5 mm to 6 mm In Spool : 0.5 kg to 1 kg.
YE 102 350o C
Asbestos Cloth is manufactured in range like open weave to close textures in metallic and non-metallic depending on requirements and usage of Industries, are used in Boilers, Pipelines, in Power Stations Ships for Thermal Insulations, Boiler mattresses  for protective clothing and fire protection, gloves, suit, blankets, aprons, safety curtains and many more purposes. Approximate width 42" Sizes in Roll / kg : 1.5 mm to 6mm 50/55 kgs approx.
YE 103 275o C
Are used for wrapping of exhaust pipes, hot and cold insulation, electric cables, lining switch boxes, drying oven, conveying hot articles in glass Industries, oil lamps and heater. Available in Metallic and Non-Metallic Width : 12.5 mm to 150 mm Thickness : 1.5 mm to 6 mm in 60mtr. coil.
YE 104 350o C
Are used for conveyors in Glass Industries, import substitute especially for Picture Tube manufacturing units. Width : 200 mm to 450 mm Thickness : 6 mm - 16 mm in 15mtr. Roll
YE 106 350o C
Dry heat Sealant, Caulking between rough or irregular surface, furnace and explosion doors, blast furnace connections. Supplied in Coils : 6mm to 25 mm of 5kgs each. 32 mm to 50 mm between 10kgs to 25 kgs each.
YE 107 300o  C
A low density Asbestos Fiber Filled Rope enclosed in a wide braided cover. Used extensively for the insulation of Steam pipelines in marine. Hot water pipes exhaust units and power plants. Sizes : 12 mm to 51 mm in 30 mtrs coils.
YE 108 175o C
An all purpose gasket material for sealing the manhole covers on boilers tank and pressure vessel doors and other applications against air, water, steam and alkalies. Specially suitable as a seal between uneven or non machined surfaces. Width : 12mm to 100mm Thickness : 3mm to 6mm in Tape from 30mtrs Coil. Rubberised Cloth : 2mm, 3mm. 5mm, 6mm, 10mm in 40" width in Roll Form.
Asbestos Dry plaited general steam and insulation packing for hot gases, oven autoclaves etc conforming to IS Specn. 4687 / 1980 and DGS & D Specn.
YE  303 325o C
Lubricated and Graphited  asbestos Gland packing for reciprocating & rotary pumps, medium pressure conditions conforming to IS Specn. 4687 / 1980 & DGS & D Specn.
YE 235 120o C
A best quality Asbestos Yarn Twisted with pure graphite with lubricants for steam Valve Glands stuffing Boxes Miniature apparatus in full steam and hot steam, hot or clod water etc. Supplied in spools 3mm to 6mm - 1/2 kg. or 1 kg.
YE 777 350o C
Incorporated with white metal wire for low friction and greater mechanical durability. Suitable for rotary shafts with peripheral speeds upto 1750ft / min Recommended for steam, hot water, weak acids and alkalies.
YE  999 500o C
Brass wire reinforced asbestos yarn packing, specially suited to high speed rotary and reciprocating shafts even at higher temperature and pressure, Incorporation of brass wire improves its strength and anti-friction properties. It is recommended for saturated and super heated steam, hot water, air, gases, oils, steam expansion glands, rotary nad reciprocating equipments.
YE 800 490o C
Non-metallic asbestos lubricated and graphited packing for high pressure saturated super heated steam conforming to IS Specn. 4687 / 1980 & DGS&D Specn.  
YE1919 540o C
Chrysotile white dry asbestos fiber yarn of high purity braided packing non-metallic used where severe high temperature conditions prevail. Best suited for  expansion joints, door ovens caulking of joints, exhaust pipe wrappings, ductings, etc.
YE 1000 540o C
An inter braided high content asbestos packing non-metallic lubricated with special heat resisting dry lubricant. Specially recommended for high pressure super-heated steam services. An excellent soft packing for valve gland, gauge glass  fittings, turbines, boilers and similar application. Please state when spindle / rod is STAINLESS STEEL
YE  666 815o C
Braided from high grade asbestos yarn suitably lubricated & reinforced with stainless steel wire. This is an ideal choice for high temperature valve application and is suitable for service with steam, butane and propane gases, oil vapour, furnace oil, etc. Please state when spindle / rod is STAINLESS STEEL.
YE 1996 500o C
A popular packing made from asbestos fiber yarn reinforced with copper wire and suitable lubricants to withstand high pressure and temperature for steam valve. Please state when rod / spindle is STAINLESS STEEL.
YE 1990 680o C
A duplex braided for super sealing jobs made from high grade asbestos fiber yarn reinforced with inconel wire and suitably lubricated;. It will function most effectively against super sealing jobs on valve stems in power plants, oil refineries. A well recommended packing for control valves at high pressures and  temperatures and various other applications. Please specify when rod / spindle is STAINLESS STEEL.
YE 2600 280o C
An asbestos proofed semi - metallic packing with strips of white metal intermittent layers embedded. Use on steam expansion glands, marine engines, compressors, pumps winches, and hoists. A special high pressure medium temperature packing for ship and ship building industry, sugar mills etc.
YE 2800 500o C
Asbestos reinforced brass wire packing treated with oil resisting synthetic compounds having suitable lubricant. Incorporation of brass wire improves strength and anti-friction properties. Best suited for petrochemical applications under high pressure conditions. Please indicate specifically when the rod is STAINLESS STEEL.
YE 2801 300o C
Asbestos DUPLEX BRAIDED packing suitably lubricated treated with graphite to withstand caustic liquors, including caustic potash, soda, lime, ammonia and sulphides. An ideal packing for paper mill applications Ph 4 - 12.
YE 2890 150o C to +
300 oC
Asbestos Yarn DUPLEX BRAIDED packing impregnated with PTFE suspensoid for severe caustic and other corrosive chemicals, solvents, oils and petroleum by - products & oxygen service.
PH 2 -12.
To achieve zero leakage between a moving member and a relatively stationary part, a wide range of seals and rings are employed. However, the most common, last expensive and versatile in nature is the Gland Packing. Gland Packing provides a dynamic seal for or stem via a housing or gland which resilient or semi - resilient material, thus providing a localised contact area which offers a physical barrier to leakage.
*  Good anti-friction properties
*  Good chemical resistance to fluid contained
*  Should not get effected by the temperature of application.
*  Should be reasonably compressible and have a good resilience.
*  Should retain the self lubricants.
*  Should not effect the shaft.
*  should not contaminate the fluid being contained.
Eastwell Asbestos Industries (Pvt) Ltd., manufacturers a wide range of Gland Packings to suit a variety of applications. They are both, of Dry as well as Lubricated type.
Gland Packings are not an exact science as its performance depends upon many variables. The filling of a packing is an art and results depend largely on manual skills. The 'Man with a Wrench' therefore, can sometimes, be a dangerous person in your  plant, responsible for scored rods, excessive down time and wasted packings.
Eastwell Asbestos Industries (Pvt) Ltd., take great case at the construction stage of its gland packings which leads to a better performance even under minor imperfections in the plant condition and fitment, however, certain preparatory precautions, correct procedure of fitment and correct selection of grade and size of the gland packing would help in achieving the best results.
CONDITION OF PLANT : To ensure long and trouble-free sealing, check the following                                                 periodically :
*  The clearance between shaft and neck-bush at the bottom end of the stuffing box. The maximum     normal clearance is 0.25 mm.
*  Concentricity of shaft with stuffing box bore.
*  Straightness of shaft (run-out)-- not to exceed 0.05 mm. Clock guage reading.
*  Condition of shaft surface in packing area -- no excessive grooves, scores or pitting.
*  Pump bearings -- wear can induce shaft "whip" which can be harmful to packings.
*  Ensure that all the old packing is removed and the stuffing box is clean and from foreign    matter.
*  Always re-pack with new packing.
*  Choose packings recommended for the fluid to be contained.
*  Select correct size of  packing to fit the stuffing box dimensions.
*  Wrap packing on the shaft and cut into rings of correct size.
*  Fit each packing individually by tamping of with split sleeves.
*  Stagger joints in consecutive packing rings.
*  Fit gland follower and check that the shaft rotates freely.
*  Tighten gland nuts evenly with spanner unit the packing "drags" when turning the shaft by hand.
a) Valves - pressurise the stuffing  box and if necessary readjust the gland nuts evenly until a leak-free   seal is obtained.
b) Pumps - Slacken the gland nuts back and re-tighten to finger tight, to such an extent that the     shaft still rotates freely.
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